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"I like how this book presents all the Open RAN technologies and standards in a coherent manner. I was a bit cautious initially, as oftentimes edited books with content from different contributors end up being just a "collection of articles", but this is absolutely not the case with this book. The editor did a good job tying it all up together, explaining not just how different Open RAN architecture variants work, but also why they've been designed that way."

"What I really like about the book is that there is a great deal of information about Architecture as well as why certain decisions were made and what are the challenges. The interfaces, the protocol stack and the physical layer all occupy a small section in chapter 3 which I am assuming is present for completion. Some readers may want to become familiar with them before proceeding further.

I believe that most people will find chapter 4 extremely valuable as it is 111 pages long and details the NG-RAN Architecture, looks at the CU-DU split, including signaling messages, then looks at Dual-Connectivity, CUPS, SDN, Lower-layer split (LLS), Fronthaul interface, OAM, Small cells, etc."

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